Saturday, December 5, 2009

A gift for a friend and a friend of a friend

Last week I received a phone call from a friend. She said that she recently visited a friend and the subject of blogs came up. And wouldn't you know that her friend (whom I don't know) is a follower of my blog. Whereby my friend informed her friend that she was my friend. (Does this make sense?) Anyway, it was all very pleasing to me.

My friend informed me that her friend was pregnant, unfortunately on bed rest, and needing a chocolate fix--namely the double chocolate biscotti I blogged that week. I just about gave away my recipe--not wanting to hold out on an expectant woman's cravings and apronstring's follower. But I didn't relinquish because I am a bit secretive with my recipe cards and because, quite frankly, I don't always follow a recipe or use measuring cups.

Instead, I volunteered to make a batch for my friend and her friend to enjoy together and help another day of bed rest pass quickly.

Friends: I hope you all enjoy the biscotti--especially the bundle of joy residing in mommy's belly (now) full of chocolate. And if baby really likes the treat, I just might have to post the recipe in the coming weeks.



  1. fiquei emocionada de ler o seu post de hoje, sou eu q estou aqui in bed, waiting my baby get ready to the world, obrigada pelos biscuts ainda nao recebi mas vou ligar para sasa agora, baby is kicking...

  2. i am so happy to know that you are the follower! your comments on my blog have been so helpful and is a real pleasure to do something for you and baby. i wish you the best in the coming months and with baby number 3! big kiss and hug from tammy and georgia!