Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome Michelle and Danielle

My dear friends Michelle and Danielle are arriving tomorrow to defrost and spend their winter holiday with us at the beach. Michelle is a fashion designer and Danielle is a photographer. Both are at the top of their fields in NYC--successful edgy young women. At first I fretted about their agenda here in Brazil. I wanted to show them everything cool. But then I remembered that I am a mom who bakes a lot and I haven't stepped inside a hip bar in years. But then I also remembered when I lived in NYC all I wanted to do was escape the cold in December and expose my white skin to the sun. So I relaxed (a little) and decided to list some of my favorites.

The plan: They are spending four days in São Paulo before meeting us at the beach (Litoral Norte) and then they are on to Rio.

A mini guide on the fly:


Carlota-Rua Sergipe, 753 Higienopolis-Brazilian Food
Mani-Rua Joaquim Antunes, 210 Jardim Paulista-Brazilian Food
Allez Allez-Rua Wizard, 288 Vila Madalena-French Bistro
Due Cuochi-Rua Manuel Guedes 93 Itaim-Bibi-Italian
Carcamano-Rua Pedroso Alvarenga 1127-Itaim-Bibi-Best Pizza
Nagayama-Rua Bandeira Paulista 369-Itaim-Bibi-Sushi


Adriana Barra-Rua Alameda Franca, 1243 Jardins-Brazilian Designer
Gilda Midani- Rua da Consolação 3058A Jardins-Brazilian Designer
Surface to Air- Al. Lorena N1989 Jardins-Cutting-edge Fashion and Art
Ronaldo Fraga-Rua Aspicuelta, 259-Vila Madalena-Brazilian Designer
Isabel Capeto-Rua da Consolação, 3358 Jardins-Brazilian Designer
Osklen-Rua Oscar Freire, 827 Jardins-Brazilian Designer
Alexandre Herchocovitch-Rua Haddock Lobo, 1151 Jardins-Brazilian Designer
Espaço Havainas-Rua Oscar Freire, 1116 Jardins-Brazilian Designer
Loja do Bispo-Rua Dr. Melo Alves, 278 Jardins-Brazilian Artist Publisher
Farm-Rua Harmonia, 57 Vila Madalena-Brazilian beachwear
Marcenaria Trancoso-Rua Harmonia, 233 Vila Madalena, 233-Brazilian crafts and home goods
Coisas da Doris-Al Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 834 Jardins--Crafts and more

Malls: (I know but trust me here.)
Shopping Cidade Jardim-A pretty incredible place with an open air top floor and incredible view of the city.
Daslu-The infamous...

Parque Ibirapuera (Great Museums and Niemeyer work inside the park)

Nightlife: (I'm not too good here girls!)
Dry Bar-Rua Padre João Manuel, 700 Jardins
Bar Secreto-Rua Álvaro Anes, 97 Pinheiros
Pandoro-Avenida Cidade Jardim, 60 Jardim Europa

Museums and Galleries:
Galeria Vermelho-Rua Minas Gerais, 350 (restaurant Sal is great option inside)
Fortes Vilaça-Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1500 Pinheiros
MASP-Modern Art Museum-Avenida Paulista, 1578 Paulista
Pinacoteca-Avendia Tiradentes, 141 Centro
The Museum of FAAP-Rua Alagoas, 903 Higienopolis (Os Gemeos on exhibition)

It is a daunting task to do any sort of mini guide for such an enormous, diverse, cosmopolitan city. Whew! Here is a link that explains in detail the various neighborhoods.

Enjoy this city that I have come to love--especially the wonderful people.

See you at the beach. Pack some sunscreen!

Boa Viagem. Beijos!

PS: If any of you readers have some tips...much appreciated!

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  1. oi tammy,
    se elas forem ao jardins tenho mais algumas lojas para sugerir...
    SURFACE 2 AIR-lorena 1989-loja multimarca , otima selecao de brasileiros criadores em especial bijoux from DIEEGO , sao lindas...
    STUDIO TMLS-melo alves 549-sapatos they do TOPSHOP shoes
    GILDA MIDANI-consolacao 3058 A -pecas em otimo algodao modelos meio hipychic brasil

    o bar secreto eh do meu marido vai fechar de 24/12 a 5/01 , hoje tem uma festa de fim de ano huge...
    beijos e happy xmas