Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sequins and tulle

I am almost embarrassed to say that it rained today. But it did. It came down in sheets--a real monsoon. I was trapped in a notions store looking for red grosgrain ribbon. And since I really couldn't leave the store. I continued to browse and started fingering sequins and daydreaming a rainy day game for Georgia. That's when I started to miss her. I suppose only a mother can understand the feeling of wanting to see her child N-O-W. (I've actually caught myself running down the street in anticipation of seeing those little teeth and toes.)

Well the rain never let up and my boat never came. In its place arrived anxiety. So I borrowed some plastic shopping bags and tied them around my shoes like a hip hop rapper protecting new sneakers and doggy paddled home--the water was, no exaggeration, near-knee. And when I arrived sopping and smiling, Georgia was still napping. Rats. So I set up a craft table and awaited the sleeping beauty.

And well this is what we did together on our rainy afternoon:

You will need:
Hard plastic disposable cup
Small piece of tulle
Loose Sequins (or other confetti-like pieces)
Rubber Band

Insert sequins in cup and cover with tulle. Secure with a rubber band. And blow, blow, blow.

"Pretty..." (according to Georgia)

Now imagine a pajama party of girls with tulle and sparkle (hide your ball gowns). I see little shining eyes and I hear a rainstorm symphony of sequin swirl.

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