Monday, December 7, 2009

Library Card

Books, books everywhere.
And no time to read.
Isn't it sad when you start to judge books by their cover and how pretty they pile?

Pre-New Years Resolution: End the year turning the last page of just one book that isn't a pop-up about the alphabet or counting. I'd prefer if the words itsy and twinkle were left out, too.


  1. Oh darling - I will send you books if you please.. I have so many that I want so many people to read. I misses you. xo

  2. Tammy, you will get there... just wait a couple of more years and the books will invade your mind and you will miss the times when you had no free moments or mind to attack your reading, and instead you were running around your babies, your work and your errands, ah! Cheers!