Saturday, December 12, 2009

Night on the town?

Instead of our ritualistic Friday night date night.
I frosted cookies.
Felipe watched re-runs.
Georgia slept.
The house was content.
Maybe we will call the babysitter tonight. (Grandma?)

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  1. Jenna and I went to LaPlace in route to John Carroll. (She starts grad school next month), anyway, there is a cake shop called The White FLour Cake shop or something like that in LaPlace. The girls that own it went to Mentor High and were on the food networks cake challenge about a month ago (didn't win), but and I am not just saying this because we love you. NO COMPARISON to your adorable, edible creations.
    On that note, I will close with a wish for you, Little G and your mama to have a blast in your kitchen baking up more beautiful items for us to view on this most addictive blog.
    Love to all,