Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rub a dub dub...

Georgia is getting too big for her little plastic tub and too little to shower alone (or let me shower alone). So we've teamed up.

And I'd say you know you are entrenched in motherhood when:

1. You forgo your half hour morning hot (hot hot) shower and, instead, bathe at night so that you can be dressed and ready quicker in the a.m.
2. You bathe at night with your child (and a plastic doll, some tupperware, balloons and a small truck)---and the water is just mildly warm-ish.
3. You stand in a way that lets the water flow off your parts and into your little one's tupperware cup causing squeals of delight and very long (mildly warm-ish) showers.
4. You let toddler dump container after container of water over your head while you sit on the shower floor.
5. You wash the plastic doll's "hair" with your expensive shampoo.
6. You end up washing yourself with Johnson and Johnson's Baby Shampoo.
7. You really start cleaning your ears and belly button every day with Q-tips.
8. You blow dry Ernie and Burt's tuft while chasing your daughter's tresses and trying to get a bit of the sopping wet out of your own. (I won't get into the dressing/streaking part but it is almost never in the bedroom nor sitting still.)

These long shower rituals (and raisin-like skin) are the conclusions of our day. I'm still not wearing Minnie Mouse PJ's. But I'll admit, in a weak moment of over-bonding, I did google footy pajamas for adults. But I'd like to keep my husband.

Sigh. But a happy, contented (sometimes tired) one.

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  1. this is too funny - i have finally embraced the night time shower but have to wait until everyone is in bed...3 children in the shower can quickly turn into a disaster :) love it about the footed pjs...too cute!