Monday, December 21, 2009

The last weekend before Christmas

I suppose we ran around like everyone this last weekend before Santa takes to his sleigh. But we really tried to take some time to enjoy being together. After all, how often is Georgia surrounded by all these Grandparents. Is it possible for a child to be kissed too much?

In between kisses:

1. Vovó V and Vovô P thought it would be too much to haul the little kitchen they got for Georgia to present at the beach (where we will spend Christmas Day). Personally, I think they couldn't wait any longer to show her its working faucet and mini stainless steel sink. We almost put it in her bedroom but decided it belonged in our kitchen. She is assistant chef, after all.

2. We went and saw The Little Prince exhibition at the OCA Art Museum (Laying down and looking at the solar system was magical.) Georgia is thinking the Prince is a good candidate to marry one of her Princesses.

3. My seamstress came for the last sew-a-thon of 2009. Georgia has some new frocks and a terry cloth bathing suit cover up for her new navy blue ruffled bikini.

4. My mom helped me bake and bag cookies in all the spare moments (no surprise here). I think the cinnamon smell will last until next holiday season. One more big delivery on Tuesday and the apron goes back on the hook.

I hope you all managed to enjoy a moment in the mad dash last weekend. xo

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