Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cup o'stars

I love collaborations and double branding--a fledgling artist with a big name sneaker company, a small designer with Target and so forth. When the synergy is good, one can bring out the best in the other.

So I thought I would try a mini collaboration amongst novices and asked my sister-in-law Heloisa (a budding ceramicist)--to create some little pedestals for my cupcakes. Yesterday she delivered these, entirely handmade, quirky little stands. And today, in the sugar swirl of holiday orders and cookie cutting, I decided to flip one over and fill it with mini stars. Heloisa happened to be over helping with Georgia and we both liked the results: a mini cup of cookies and a place to guard your tiny treasures after.

Tomorrow I have many orders to frost and I'm looking forward to test perching a mini cake on top of the little ceramic stands. Another bonus: I've discovered that the sweet nestles perfectly inside, too--a quite literal "cup-for-cupcake."

Stay tuned for the results.

1 comment:

  1. The pottery is stunning!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see all the pretty pieces you have created.xoxo