Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Love Birds


Enna and David are getting married this weekend. I've made these little fondant love birds to perch on top of their cake. Chirp. Love. Congratulations!

On Vacation


We arrived back late last night from 6 days in Buenes Aires. It was a vacation from everything: frosting, photos, blogging. Just a few highlights:

1. The Easter Bunny got our message and delivered the chocolate to Argentina.
2. Sebastian ate his first spoonful. We started his culinary adventure with a banana, while his sister wrinkled her picky-eater nose and asked for dulche de leche.
3. I turned 40.

Thank god for Malbec, red meat, strollers, kangaroos, and mother-in-laws who come along to help babysit!

Fue muy divertido!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper Emotions


My sensitive child...have a look.

The circus came to town...


João and Francisco (The cutest twins I have ever seen.) celebrated in high circus style their 3rd birthday -- at the always incredible venue-- Manioca yesterday.

I'd say it was the most stylish and fun event on any children's calendar....magic shows, mini rockstars, and tutus...oh my!

Georgia is still talking about the clown and his magic fire and egg. Sebastian is recuperating from all the ballerina kisses....and we are hoping everyone enjoyed our sweets.

Credit: Cans painted by Nana Montagna!

Black Swan


Isabela had a ballerina birthday party on Sunday. She shared the spotlight with Joao and Francisco. All the girls came dressed as ballerinas. Isabela (a very cool little girl) was a princess knockout as the black swan!

Happy Birthday Isabela!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Double Decker


In the box and ready to go...can you believe the bride (and groom) picked it up on the morning of their big day! And they were calm...oh so calm! Congratulations Erika and Felipe!

Friday, April 15, 2011



Gifts for a bridal on Saturday.
300 cookies to finish and a two tier cake to go....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yes, I am 3!


Georgia awoke today on her 3rd birthday, looked down at her little self squeezed into "onsie" PJs that expose too much wrist and ankle (short everywhere) and declared in surprise, "But I am not big today."

Her opinion. She may have not grown into giant proportions during the night of two-becomes-three but my firstborn is no longer a baby. She is a little girl--a three year old--that understands the meaning of her birthday and a party.

So I will shamefully admit that I have yet to throw an all out birthday bash for her. But after spending the last two years learning the name and party theme of every child celebrating their day with treats that leave my kitchen, Georgia is (rightfully) expecting her own festa from Mom and Dad.

So we are planning to have her event at the end of the month when USA Grandma and an Auntie are in town. But we couldn't let today go without: blowing candles out three times, sending a Hello Kitty Cake to school, and having visits and calls from our loved ones all day long. And, wow, what about the puppet theatre from Vovo and Vovó ?

Who says you need a big bash to feel special? (But don't worry Georgia the party is still on....stay tuned.)

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Georgia! xoxo

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dolores loves Elmo!


And he is going to help her celebrate her 2nd Birthday with all the gang!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ooo la la...


Sweets for a lingerie shower! Happy Marriage!

Cora is 2!


One of the advantages of living in a foreign country is learning the local culture and different cartoons! Cocorico is a big hit amongst the little ones--especially Cora--a charming little girl who danced with Georgia in the garage when her Mom and Dad came to pick up the sweets!

Parabéns Cora!

Mathias turns 4!


I was pretty certain that Tati was going to request Toy Story for her son's fourth birthday party. We had recently chatted and she told me that her son wanted to wear the same Woody tee shirt and underwear every single day. But a recent trip to Disney changed all that!

I'd trade Woody for Peter Pan any day! Happy Birthday Mathias!



Isadora turned three! She is quite the budding art director, selecting modern elephants as her theme and having her talented Aunt Alice oversee the graphics....elephants prancing everywhere.

Georgia and I attended the party. Thank you Maria and Isadora! Looking forward future collaborations with Alice....stay tuned!