Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On Vacation


We arrived back late last night from 6 days in Buenes Aires. It was a vacation from everything: frosting, photos, blogging. Just a few highlights:

1. The Easter Bunny got our message and delivered the chocolate to Argentina.
2. Sebastian ate his first spoonful. We started his culinary adventure with a banana, while his sister wrinkled her picky-eater nose and asked for dulche de leche.
3. I turned 40.

Thank god for Malbec, red meat, strollers, kangaroos, and mother-in-laws who come along to help babysit!

Fue muy divertido!


  1. I hope it was wonderful for you and a visit from your mama and auntie!!!
    What more can a girl ask for???
    Love & hugs to all.

  2. Buenos Aires is wonderful. I loved your post, so cute! But I missed the empanada al horno... Didn't you taste it? It is fabulous!