Monday, April 11, 2011

Yes, I am 3!


Georgia awoke today on her 3rd birthday, looked down at her little self squeezed into "onsie" PJs that expose too much wrist and ankle (short everywhere) and declared in surprise, "But I am not big today."

Her opinion. She may have not grown into giant proportions during the night of two-becomes-three but my firstborn is no longer a baby. She is a little girl--a three year old--that understands the meaning of her birthday and a party.

So I will shamefully admit that I have yet to throw an all out birthday bash for her. But after spending the last two years learning the name and party theme of every child celebrating their day with treats that leave my kitchen, Georgia is (rightfully) expecting her own festa from Mom and Dad.

So we are planning to have her event at the end of the month when USA Grandma and an Auntie are in town. But we couldn't let today go without: blowing candles out three times, sending a Hello Kitty Cake to school, and having visits and calls from our loved ones all day long. And, wow, what about the puppet theatre from Vovo and Vovó ?

Who says you need a big bash to feel special? (But don't worry Georgia the party is still on....stay tuned.)

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Georgia! xoxo


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday beautiful Miss Georgia...
    We wish you love, laughter and lot's and lot's of fun!!!!

  2. Feliz aniversário, ainda que atrasado, para sua pequena! Beijos!

  3. Ohhh my how time passes us by...we can only see how fast it goes, when our babies turn into toddlers and later into kids. How I wish I could have them babies for bit longer...

  4. obrigada thank you!
    georgia is so lucky to have so many friends and well wishes!
    all the best
    bjs kisses

  5. Para a Georgia, um milhão de brincadeiras gostosas! Adoro vcs! Quero ir aí enrolar os brigadeiros da festa, BEIJO!! ALICE

  6. Maria A. C. BrantApril 13, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Happy birthday to Georgia!
    (I'm glad to see that the "confetti-wrapped" chocolate cake has been fully adopted! :)
    She's beautiful - congratulations!

  7. Parabéns Georgia!

    Muitas descobertas, brincadeiras e muitos doces! Continue essa linda princesa, uma doce menina! Sempre a sonhar sonhos de contos de fadas. Você parece uma boneca de porcelana. Beijos!

  8. Parabéns Georgia.
    Que lindo Post Tammy, emocionante!
    Karen e Lulu

  9. thank you all so much! my daughter is so lucky to have such loving friends and family! : )