Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fortune Cookie?

I suppose you looked at the title and thought I was going to post about cookies again. Don't worry. While it is true that my fingers spent another evening and day (and tonight, too) hugging a frosting tip, I figured we could use some sodium in our diet. And what is more salty than Chinese take-out?

The window of my first apartment in NYC had a (neon sign) view of China Fun Restaurant and if I squinted I could see the veggies in the woks and the deep fryer at work 24/7. And, of course, I could smell soy sauce and grease 24/7. Naturally, I ate too much Chinese. As the portions were so big I only needed to eat one meal a day. It was cheap and I was broke. And although I wasn't much of a drinker, my roommate was a bit of a slush. She swore MSG was a great hang-over cure. China Fun loved us. They knew our order by heart. It was always Sesame Chicken and extra fortune cookies (cookies again oops...)

So here's a link to a researched and tested recipe for Sesame Chicken. This is the closest to China Fun I've found. (Tip: I usually don't submerge the chicken in oil á la deep frying--just put a smidge of oil in the pan. It's just as good and way better for you.) The calorie savings allows for some extra cookies (Did I say cookies?) for desert, ya know.

Naturally, I'm working on the fortune ------ (I cannot write that word again) recipe.

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