Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekends are fun

Weekends are fun even if you work hard. You just have to play hard, too.

1. I'm learning to play again. And I want to build the tallest block castle ever. And Georgia wants to be the best bulldozer ever. She figured out real quick that I was sending her on imaginary errands (Can you go to your room and get Barney?) to gain building time. Crash.

2. Parque do Povo (People's Park) has the city's most charming Santa Installation. There is even a Yoga Santa with stick skinny legs and an ample middle standing on his head.

3. We stayed home Friday night and I frosted cookies. We stayed home Saturday night and I frosted cupcakes. Poor husband.

4. Need a good place to buy original and well priced Christmas gifts? Check out the ceramics fresh from the kiln...a lovely exhibition at Ceramiche.

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  1. Oieee!

    A exposição foi até domingo, mas algumas peças de algumas artistas ainda estão lá, qualquer coisa entrar nos ite e entrar em contato: