Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Casa Tody--Shoes for Children

I like old school and I like classic. And I like Casa Tody shoe store because it is both. A mom and pop shop with floor to (very high) ceiling stacked shoe boxes, bad carpeting, even worse lighting and mirrors only at feet level. Refreshing. Because we know we are buying for the product alone not the coffee served by the salesperson nor the designer shoe box. And they still measure your child's feet.

For 56 years, Casa Tody has been selling beautifully simple classic styles in quality leather. Your mom probably shopped here. And your Grandma certainly bought her Easter shoes here (to go with her little white gloves for Sunday service.) Tradition.

Recommend for boys and girls--infant to school age. Speak to Edmar.

Casa Tody
Rua Augusta 2634
São Paulo
(011) 3082-2771

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  1. They are awesome, I was introduced to Casa Tody by my...sister in law's, mother in law (if that makes any sense) she has lived in Alameda Tiete her whole life and gave the girls their first pair of sandals.