Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thank you, Gi!

Have you ever impulsively asked a gigantic favor of someone? Usually your mouth or fingers (email) take on a life of their own and do the asking. And when your rational self assesses the situation you squint your brows, raise your shoulders and cringe in horror at your audacity.

I'm cringing.

The other week when my camera jumped out of Georgia's stroller, my better judgement skipped town. And I fired off an email to Gisela asking her to smuggle not one but two cameras into Brazil for me on her next trip to town. Naturally, (because she is so kind) she agreed to travel thousands of kilometers with my goodies in bubble wrap in her carry on, shuffling through customs with more than the allowed quota and hauling them across this thief ridden city. For me...what gull.

So today, in thanks, I baked her some double-chocolate-almond-raisin biscotti and housed them in a pretty package.

Gi, I hope I can repay the favor in triple. (Oh and my carry on is usually pretty big.)

Thank you. And thank you some more. xo

1 comment:

  1. Tammy querida, If you keep baking cokies for every encomenda... count on my carreto! big kiss and thanks for the treat. Loved the package! Heading back to NY, brrrrrrrrrr! It's freezing up there.