Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've shopped on Madison Ave. in NYC, Faubourg St Honoré in Paris, Ginza in Tokyo, Daslu in São Paulo...and many other expensive addresses in many other cities . Well, actually, I've mostly browsed in these high end shopping destinations, with an occasional splurge here and there. And don't get me wrong (husband), I like beautiful, expensive things.

But I love a good bargain. And I love junk stores, 99 cents stores, wholesale clubs, and outlets even more. Not only do the salespeople totally ignore you, but most of these stores have carts and piles. Blissful. And I have patience. Because you need patience to find that diamond in the rough. And imagination to see said product in a new environment. Because in the junk store it looks like junk (especially when next to other junk). But outside the shop your find can look like it came from Paris, France. You might have to take it out of the Made in China packaging or tweak it a bit. But, believe me, your friends will be asking, "where did you find that?" (And please don't belittle your treasure when asked. Be proud.)

As I won't belittle today's finds. This afternoon, I found myself in one of those establishments. I was actually sourcing some ideas for goodie bags for a party next week. (I found what I needed.) But on the way out, two items caught my eye. I wouldn't say these particular pieces look like they came from Paris, France. But they have charm. They have meaning. And they were both for Georgia.

1. Santa Snow Globe. Georgia and I have been watching Pixar's short film Knick Knack all week. She has learned the concept of a snow globe. And we've been visiting a Santa wonderland on the way to the playground just about every day. And, believe me, I am not one for those traditional Christmas decorations and I've never mounted a tree. But add a toddler to your life and watch yourself change. So when I found a Santa Snow Globe for US$2, I quickly deposited it in the cart.

2. Pint sized sparkle purse. Yesterday I shortened the strap on my (too big for G) tote bag and let her carry her own necessities to Grandma's house. It was a pivotal moment in her life. She just kept looking at the bag and repeating her name with immense pride (as in Georgia can carry her own stuff now.). Obviously the mini purse (and I am not a sparkle type) at US$2 was a no-brainer.

I practically ran home to show Georgia what I unearthed. My child beamed, kissed her snow globe numerously, and kept that handbag strapped across her chest all day.

Now let me tell you how beautiful these bargains where outside that junk store. And imagine how thrilled she was when she discovered the globe fit perfectly inside her new purse.

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