Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our (rainy) weekend in Buenos Aires

I shouldn't have painted those raindrops on my wall last week. I went overboard with the theme and the rain dancing party backfired--big time. Those naughty little cookie cutter shapes followed us to Buenos Aires. And it is a good thing we aren't made of sugar because it didn't let up for ten seconds--the entire weekend. Never mind, we strapped Georgia in the carrier, huddled under the umbrella, and marched through the puddles. I even managed a few photos in between downpours.

PS: It was the hottest and driest weekend of the month in São Paulo.

What we did aka Our Little Weekend Guide to Buenos Aires:

Where we slept: Home
It is possible for a hotel to feel just like home. (The owner lent us her nanny so we could have dinner a deux.)

Where we ate:
We had many a long leisurely meal while our feet were drying and backs recuperating (Georgia, 11 kilos). And even though we must have burned a lot of calories hauling our little (not so little) one, I think we were still digesting meat calories when we ingested more (meat). Oh and dulce de leche...

We tried and liked:
Social Paraiso--mostly locals and low key (no rush service) and a solid menu
Honduras 5182
Palermo Soho

Tegui--If I'm not going to a "joint" with good food, I prefer my fancier restaurants small (cozy with candles) and food simple (one page menus, please). This is not Tegui. Although it is less hedonistic than Casa Cruz (same chef), I still felt like I needed a much sexier outfit and some lipstick--which is good every once in a while. Most importantly, the food was excellent.
Costa Rica 5852
Palermo Hollywood

La Brigada--I love classic Parrilla restaurants (and so do other tourists it seems). But one can't keep everything a secret--especially with meat this succulent.
Estados Unidos 465
San Telmo

Bar Uriarte
--The restaurant's kitchen is in the entrance, viewable from the street. Great shabby-chic interior. Appealing menu.
Uriarte 1572

Café des Arts Malba Museum--I'm not sure what was more delicious: the glamorous people, the food, or the museum exhibition?
Ave. Figueroa Alcorta, 3415

What we saw:
Malba Museum-Andy Warhol Exhibition
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes - Excellent permanent collection
Buenes Aires Zoo Lions, and tigers, and bears--oh my--in the middle of the city.
Recoleta Cemetery--Evita's grave and a colony of cats
San Telmo Flea Market--antique paradise

What we bought:
After all that culture and a favorable exchange rate, we didn't feel guilty doing a bit of shopping.

For Men:
Felix (preppy with edge)
Gurruchaga, 1670
Palermo Soho

Bolivia (hip but wearable)
Gurruchaga, 1581
Palermo Soho

Mishka (original shoes)
El Salvador 4673
Palermo Soho

Maria Cher
(modern clothes)
El Salavador, 4741
Palermo Soho

Aida Sirinian (pretty clothes)
Gorriti, 5868
Palermo Soho

Muchatela - (think crafts and fabric)
Costa Rica 4448
Palermo Soho

Buenes Aires Design Mall (interior design bonanza)

Bookstore (in a historic theatre):
Al Ateneo
Av. Santa Fe 1860

Mimo--(Argentina's Baby Gap but with better shoes):
Throughout city

Next Time:

We didn't catch a tango show for fear of falling into a tourist trap. I hear it is better to go watch the locals dance at a Milonga or tango dance hall. The hotel gave us a list. And I am saving it for next time.

Check out designspongeonline for an extensive list. Thanks Erica and Gi for sharing your tips.

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  1. Sounds like a great time despite the rain. Rain was pouring in Athens, Greece yesterday!!!!!!!!! Georgia looks like she enjoyed the trip!!!