Sunday, November 22, 2009



It was a holiday weekend in Brazil. And we were supposed to travel to the beach for the weekend.
It didn't happen. Here's what did:

1. I got rid of the circles under my eyes from last weeks insomnia.
2. Georgia threw her first "consumer fit" when I didn't buy her some junk plastic toy in the supermarket. I think she is starting to grasp the notion of credit cards and kickboxing. And I'm thinking of shopping in a wig and dark glasses.
3. I didn't take a single photo even though my sister-in-law lent me her camera.
4. Joined Facebook....not sure I like the popularity contest feeling of it all. I thought I left that behind with my high school yearbook. Maybe (now that everyone can find me) I will get invited to a class reunion. Its only been 21 years.
5. Georgia has learned to sing the Barney song in Portuguese.
Felipe has taught Georgia how to back the car into our garage parking spot while on his lap--one hand on the wheel the other on the radio dial (song of choice today, Foxy Lady by Hendrix).
7. We had the best intention of getting together with other friends who bailed on the long holiday weekend. But we just couldn't motivate.

It seems we just weren't up for much.

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