Monday, November 23, 2009

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus (my mom) asked me what I wanted her to bring in her suitcase come December. Since I know space is limited. (She is, after all, spending her first Christmas with her Granddaughter/"Inter-neta" and really believes she is related to the Claus family.)

My list:

1. Cupcake liners. Since it isn't a cupcake culture here, I've used liners that were meant for other
edibles. This resulted in cupcakes not nestled in liners but rather afloat on pleated plates.
2. Twist ties. Since Hefty brand trash bags never made it South, neither did those stripey twisty ties. I found white but there is no charm in that.
3. 100% Cotton string. I again, found only white and very thick.

Sourcing has to be one of the biggest time consumers down here. I love the challenge and the lack of material leads to some creative solutions.

And lots of late night internet drooling.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for including some Divine Twine on your wish list! If your mom can't fit it in her suitcase, I ship internationally. :)

    About those white twist ties... You can take a marker and make your own custom stripes. They could be very sweet and charming.

    Have a lovely holiday!