Sunday, October 25, 2009


If it weren't for technology, I don't know how often linguists would have to revise Webster's Dictionary.

I'd like to add an entry to the upcoming volume.

Interneta-\in-tur-net-uh\ n; 1. Internet + granddaughter in Portuguese (neta)
Interneto-\in-tur-net-oh\n; Internet + grandson in Portuguese (neto) 2. phenomenon created when you speak to said granddaughter/grandson whose blood line is partially Brazilian via skype.

Example of usage: Grandma Dee skyped her interneta, Georgia, today. She got to see G wearing pigtails for the first time. She was offered a sip of her interneta's coconut water and a bite of bread. Georgia was rather impressed with the noisy slurping of the straw and the size of her Grandma Dee's mouth.

An imaginary, not-so-imaginary, playdate--now I have to clean the computer screen.


  1. Oh Georgia, I had so much fun talking to you on Skype. I am very lucky to be able to talk to you and see you. It is a bonus you feed me.
    I love you and miss you very much!!!!! Till we talk again!!!!

  2. oh, your mom must have been so psyched! (wow it's been a while since I actually used that word...1993 maybe?) anyway, I am sure it made her day!

  3. What did people do before skype? I think they "morriam de saudade"...

  4. psyched is the word, ro! and gi...pity there is no great translation for morrendo de saudade! but yes...exactly that!