Tuesday, October 20, 2009

G and I in the kitchen (again)

I realize it. I am a cruel case of contradictions. My morning post encourages health and then I bake cupcakes. Yet my thought process makes sense (to me). Activity and indulgence go hand and hand--a walk here and a bite (or two or three) of cupcake there. Equilibrium. Because repression leads to depression--especially when one is handing out cupcakes. And life is meant to be delicious--in all senses.

But enough expounding health. The big reason for the bake-off: October is a big birthday month for my folks and friends. And although my dear parents are thousands of miles away from my kitchen, G and I are sending sugar dusted air kisses and imaginary cakes their way. Minhas amigas queridas: Roberta, Erica, and Suzana--consider your cupcakes delivered!

Happy Birthday Everyone! Feliz Aniversário!


  1. Wow! What a coincidence...
    (but I can only explain tomorrow!)

  2. Thank-you Tammy and Georgia!!!!!! They look so good I feel like I can taste the cupcakes. What makes me happy is that I can see that you both are enjoying baking!!!!! Soon, I will join you to make Christmas Cookies!!!!
    Kisses and Hugs!!!! Grandma Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. ana, do tell! sera que esta no seu blog ja?

    mom! miss you so much! can't wait to bake! love you!

  4. Tammy, you and Little G put my chocolate, peanut butter cupcakes to shame.

  5. cyndi!
    chocolate AND peanut butter. just like a reese cup but better! want the recipe! i have to smuggle some more peanut butter into the country, too! xoxo