Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chemise da Nuit

My late Auntie M always slept in a sleep cap. And all of her pillowcases were satin. This guaranteed that her silvery "once-a-week-wash-and-set" hairdo never lost its fluff. She also only slept in long nightgowns. She passed the nightgown ritual on to all of her nieces. I fine-tuned it a bit and tossed the tiny floral print and flannel part. My gowns are always white and one-hundred percent cotton. If it's cold, I put flannel pants under and an old ratty cashmere cardigan on top.

In case your interested in the tradition, here are a few resources:

Eileen West
Lanz of Salzburg

I promise I don't wear a sleeping cap. For now, anyway.

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  1. Sure do miss Auntie M. I am glad she has left such good memories to make us smile.