Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toddler Vanity

I am not an extremely vain person. I do love style--just not fashion. Salon trips are more of a necessity than an urge. And I worry Georgia will want a designer handbag before she ages into the double digits. (I also pray she won't be embarrassed when I pick her up from school in exercise clothes.)

But, lately, I see a gleam of admiration in her eyes when I wear a dress. And today while organizing boxes, she saw our wedding photo (make-up, know) and squealed "Mommy" (as in that's mine).

So this afternoon, at the salon, I knew I shouldn't let the girls paint her little toes--lest I create a vain mini monster. Really, I'd prefer (for a long while yet) to consistently find dirt behind her nails than vamp red on top. And I rather she surf than shop.

But once in a while? I just couldn't resist. And doesn't she look, well, satisfied?


  1. Tammy,
    Everytime Madison spends the night with us she brings her favorite color nail polish. She says "Grandma make me pretty", and of course in turn I say "My dear little Missy, you are beautiful with or without painted nails",
    ah, but we play beauty shop anyway.
    This will not hurt little G one bit, and it so much fun bonding over girly things.
    Love to all

  2. i think it's simply perfect once in a while.

    found you through miss andrea's blog by the way. and glad i did!

  3. thanks for the support! i cannot get g to wear anything other than sandals lest her paint job go unnoticed! happy weekend!