Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Creative Clutter Loveliness: Work Spaces


We finally got some shelving and a proper desk installed in our home office/studio this week. And I have been on a manic plastic box purchasing spree. I now have boxes for my cupcake sprinkles and food dyes, fabric swatches, paper products, ribbons, colored pencils and markers--my everything. Because I am an obsessive-compulsive neat freak. I could go on Oprah as one of those professional organizers, cleaning up the country in a mini-van. And as I type this post from an immaculate room and a bare desktop, I feel as empty as the room. My workspace is boring, generic, lifeless.... a great big mistake.

Fretting over the "spice-less" situation at hand, incites a net surfing frenzy and sharesomecandy. Hello brain? Really. Drooling over these artist's ateliers, I realize the beauty is in the clutter: the cans, the splatters, the scraps, the swatches and the piles. (The artwork is pretty mind-blowing, too.)

Makes me want to rip open those plastic box "art supply prisons" and have a confetti-like rainstorm of beautiful, lovely art and crafting goodies (and go to art school).

Instant, authentic decorating.

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