Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heavy load

I haven't lost interest in blogging. And I don't feel the same without a random rant at the end of a long day. Problem is that my long days are ending well into the tomorrows. I am going to bed with food coloring highlights in my hair (
Spiderman colors) and a serious back ache.
Getting ready for this little party has been all consuming. My cupcakes collapsed (re-do). My first Spiderman cut-outs looked rather like extra terrestrials (re-do). And today powdered sugar was sold out in twelve supermarkets.
But things are looking good tonight. I am getting a short blog entry in and going to bed at midnight--with a clean kitchen and many a treat boxed and ready to go. And the "to do" list is getting much shorter. Almost there...
Nighty night.
PS: Congrats Brooke and Brigham. And welcome Mia...bundle of joy.
PPS: Vera and Helo...thank you!

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