Monday, November 9, 2009

Wardrobe Dilemma

I think the only time in a female's life when she goes to the doctor's office and receives compliments about consistent weight gain is in infancy. Dimpled baby bottoms are charming--not bikini busters called cellulite. A pity that our little selves cannot yet understand this and celebrate with another cookie.

And when Georgia was a baby, I prayed for rolls and dimples and weight gain. I felt like I was always on pediatrician parole....gram after insignificant gram. I suppose my milk was of the skim (not cream) variety.

But we made it through. And now Georgia is on an incredible growth spurt. She is still a bit lean but she is long. And here is my bragging moment: She is 95th percentile on those nerve-wracking growth charts for height. So there, Mister MD!

However this presents another problem: her wardrobe. As of late, she looks like she is waiting for a flood. And Felipe is already nervous about the length of her skirts. So I am working on a couple of solutions.

1. A shopping spree at the most adorable stores for children in São Paulo:
Baby Basics
Ronaldo Fraga Filhotes
Petit Retro
Santa Paciência

2. A quick trip to the USA to stock up on bargains.

3. Design a few pieces and hire a seamstress.

4. Find a way to get all three

I cannot warrant a shopping spree because everything (except services) in Brazil is extraordinarily expensive. So I'll settle for a piece or two. And since seamstress falls under the category of services, I had Suely come to my house on Friday. Ten hours and 170 reais US$ 100 later, Georgia has 6 smocks. (She also hemmed Felipe's pants and made two pillows.) Still not nearly as cheap as BabyGap (without the plane fare), but a fun project.

Plus my mom is coming next month. Her suitcase is big and the Internet is open 24 hours.

Somehow I always manage to get my way. I'm stubborn like that.

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