Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend in town

Stayed in town this weekend. Looking at the photos, you'd think we ate, slept, and played. We did (ate and played more, naturally). We also went to four birthday parties and visited a potential school for little G.

Random thoughts and things I learned this weekend:

1. Bogart (our cat) has always slept more than Georgia
2. A child has the ability (before the age of five) to learn several languages as well as the mother tongue--speaking with no accent. And although the language may get rusty without use, it is stored in the synapses forever. An elderly woman (whose family didn't know she grew up speaking Polish) had a stroke. The brain erased her memory of the English language and she woke up speaking Polish--only. Imagine that? A rather good reason to learn another language, no?
3. Gardenias thrive in the heat. The city smells like an expensive wedding banquet. Delicious.

Well, it is 11:00 pm. My daughter is still awake after countless attempts to put her down. She is now pulling on my nightgown. I'm hopeful.

I worry she inherited my insomnia.

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  1. the photos are looking good! you should definately splurge on a camera sweetie. hope you managed to find at least one good photo amongst jullian's batch! bjos