Thursday, November 5, 2009

Georgia's Cousin Emma

I received some photos from my brother today of his daughter, Emma. And I hesitated a while before posting this photo. But after a bit of cropping, the image was, shall we say, (and in my opinion, dear brother) somewhat toned down. It is, after all, a photo of a hunter's bounty thrown in the back of a pick-up truck with my one year old niece.

My brother is a mass email forwarding Republican. He will only drive a pick-up (even if it is a rental car). His favorite pastime is installing a stand in the lofty branches of a tree, waiting for hours in the cold (with a bow and arrow) to massacre Bambi. His hometown population is 3,572 and in the good old USA. Beer is his drink of choice.

I am an Obama loving democrat. My transportation of choice is a good pair of sneakers and an occasional cab. My favorite pastimes revolve around all things artistic. And my international hometown population (São Paulo) is 19,616,060. Red wine (on occasion), please.

And while I forward my brother photos of Georgia in an apron baking, drawing, and traveling in Buenos Aires. He sends me...well you've seen. But here is where the dissimilarities part. I feel the pride in his photos as he feels mine.

And even though Georgia and Emma could not grow up in more diverse environments, love is the constant factor. And I am certain they will be best of friends.

Even if they don't have the same hobbies or vote the same at the polls (got that, Todd).

You know your sister (who is always right) loves you.


  1. Ok so my loving sister makes me sound like a true American hillbilly from Rock Creek. Not so I just have a love for the outdoors and it not always about bagging game its about conservation efforts also. If it were not for hunters, many of the animals of today would not be in existence due to management and reintroduction efforts. Further, the many conservation easements and public lands would not exist for our enjoyment as Americans and visitor to our country.

    And as far as politics go I just believe in the truth and facts of how our founders/forefathers set up our FREE country. I am far from the socialistic thoughts (total government control) and ideas of the current administration and will stop at that. I am far from blaming Bush for our problems, if the people knew the facts it all points toward Clinton, but I will not go into that. And our Presidents name? American? Well this weeks election has shown the people of our country are already fed up so only time will tell. Oh and for the record I truly hate talking about politics. In fact I cannot even have a civil conversation without screaming on the other side..... right dear sister.

    It is a love hate thing. People make choices in life and those choices are only that persons choice to enjoy or endure. The choices are not for others to worry about or get angry about. So make that choice to enjoy what you love each day as long as you do not hurt others because we are a free to make our own decisions in this country and world we live in and should not be judged or criticized by the opinions others. My thought for the day for us all.

    Well everyone I am truly excited that my sister actually posted a picture of my deer and the best part of my life my beautiful daughter on her blog spot. Her blog is amazing and I am sure she spends hours entertaining all of us with her talents that she loves. I do feel privileged that she has made us a part of her writing.

    And lets have a moment for the people of Fort Hood today.

  2. Toddles,
    A moment, for certain.
    Not for politics.
    Nor for game.
    A truce should be declared today.
    Amongst siblings.
    Amongst people.

    Love having your opinions on my blog!
    Have a great weekend and congrats on the house!