Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Around 10:30 last night the lights in my house started that familiar flicker-flicker that often incites a visit to the fuse box. Sure enough, poof-pop and blackness ensued. Naturally I bemoaned my situation as the battery on my laptop was low and no internet, What bum luck because Georgia was actually sleeping. And, as usual, I have so much to do. (This is entirely self inflicted.)

My oven (gas) was still working, so I deposited some bread in to bake. (Pilot lights are rather illuminating.) And then I lit some orange scented candles and waited. Felipe arrived home huffing and puffing. The elevator doesn't work without electricity, right. I then realized that my entire building was out. And upon looking out the window, discovered our neighborhood was inky black, too. And an I-phone search later, learned our city of 19+ million was in darkness.

Senses alert, those candles started to smell really good (and my laptop battery was dead). So I did what I should do more often: nothing. And enjoyed one of the nicest evenings with my husband in a long time.

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