Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ladies who lunch

I felt the conflict of most working women this week: guilt and the need to spend quality time with my child. So after I hung up my apron last night, I promised little G that I would spend every second of the day with her today. I'd make sure she napped during my only class (she did) and then we would play, play, play.

Our itinerary:
Breakfast at the bakery in the morning
Pit-stop at the mall to see Santa (again, I know)
Several hours at the Club in the playground
Home for nap
Out for celebration lunch
Stop for ice cream
Walk around the neighborhood visiting all our friends at local shops
Supermarket for Daddy's dinner (G loves the "soupy.")
Home to skype Grandma and Grandpa
Dinner (with that purple guy on the TV)
Shower with mom
Books in the bedroom
Stayed up waiting for Dad
Night night. (And she passed out in less than 10 minutes.)

I really think she had a great day. (I know I did.)

She did, however, poop on my toe in the shower. But I think it was because we were so busy she forgot to tend to business during the day.


  1. Tammy! What a beautiful picture!! She is soooo cute! I am sure you guys had an amazing day! saudades! beijos, Cris

  2. Ok Tammy. I will never visit you. You are too beautiful darling.

  3. andrea--sunglasses are a girl's best friend you silly!
    cris..miss you! home soon?