Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Georgia's Opinion

We traded a tropical city of millions for a desert town of thousands.

To get here:
Home in Sao Paulo to Airport: 2 hours
Sao Paulo to Newark, NJ: 9 hours 40 mins
Layover: 6 hours
Newark to Phoenix: 4 hours 30 mins
Car ride Phoenix to Sedona: 2 hours
Miscellaneous wait times in between: 2 hours
Total Voyage: 26 hours 10 mins

Can I tell you that my daughter was an angel? Of course, I did everything but pull a live rabbit out of my magic hat to entertain. (I probably would have recruited the Easter Bunny if I had the Visa required.) And day weaning also took a mini holiday. But considering, that my lap traveler and I were squished between two older disgruntled gentleman on all flights, didn't eat but some "hydrogentated non-ingredient something or other" crackers, and diaper changed in a mini box during a bout of turbulence, we are feeling valient. No matter the state of our box-shaped bottoms, puffy eyes, and, gosh darn it, runny noses (germ box = airplane), we are here. The reward: an elderly lady stopped me at the airport and told me that I was an excellent mother (modesty unrestrainable in this case). And today Georgia gets to spend time with her Grandpa--after her morning (and there will probably be an afternoon) nap.


  1. I've always told you'd be an excellent Mom! Enjoy your time with Georiga in the US but keep writing. BTW, I've "stolen" your "mais amor por favor" pic. Love, Arlene.

  2. Cannot wait for your next journey to Ohio!!!
    Love Mom