Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yogurt. Olives. Feta Cheese. Spanakopita. Lamb. I can just smell the simmering pots in Vefa's kitchen. And I want the book. I am thinking of having a Greek banquet on my table when I get back home--a belly stuffing celebration of the mother of Mediterranean food and my mom, who heads to Greece this week.

We will all be on international flights on Wednesday. And since the destination isn't the same, I am hoping the frenzy of travel will lessen the aches and shorten the goodbyes.

Mom, your patient is a lucky one as I know what it is to be in your care. May your assignment in Athens be wonderful. xo

PS: I have been speaking with the Greek God of Hope, Elpis, about a possible visit to Greece (and to Felipe, too). The Gods are conspiring!

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