Monday, September 28, 2009

Banana, banana...

You might not necessarily equate good taste in interior design with images of bananas, I know. But give me a chance here.

I brought back a new duvet cover (anthropologie) from the States and, while away, had a bedroom accent wall covered in gray cement. But something is missing. So in an urgent rush to pull together the new look, I did what every decorator does: shop for pillows. So in my swatch carrying, color coordinating obsession, I discovered an amazing new source for fabrics (whilst walking) called, againdecor. You can imagine the tongue-in-cheek good taste of the above dapper duo who design all the graphics. Fresh and fun and very Brazilian. Have a look at the fabrics (tecidos) under the Brasil section on the site. I am deciding between the black and white bananas or palms and the windows of Salvador. And its not that I am into theme decorating but I do think that tropical goes well in the tropics--the velvet pillows from NYC just look hot and heavy below the equator.

Any opinions?

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