Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Calming this photo, no? Unpolluted and serene. Did I mention in an earlier post that I bought some acid colored pillows for my bedroom? Here I go thinking of the store's return policy....would they understand my dilemma?

Every time I buy color and pattern, I follow with a longing for simple and clean. I used to have only black and white cotton underpants but yesterday, after realizing I forgot all my underclothes in the States, I replaced them with colors and patterns from a lovely little shop called Verve. But today I am thinking of Hanro cotton or Calvin Klein tulle---neutral, of course.

And since I have an all or nothing personality (sprinkled with practicality), I want to define my style and my tastes and then not think about it anymore. So which is it? Rococo or Zen?

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  1. maybe the nicest thing is to migrate from rococo to zen, and then back again... from zen to rococo!!