Thursday, September 24, 2009

18 Million + 2 blondes = We're back!

I invite you to click on the above photo link. My town. Kinda large, huh? Well, two small blondes are back in our oasis--smack in the middle. Nossa Casa. And I can confirm definitively that the best part of traveling is coming home (minus missing USA family, obviously).

Two hours of sleep on the plane (germ box) have left me feeling worse than the previous NyQuil post. But my wilting cerebrum can confirm a few things for you:

1. Managed to get my 210 pounds of paraphernalia through customs on a cart (one handed) with Georgia hanging from me in the frontal carrier (hands-free) whilst pulling a suitcase and dangling pillow (one handed) behind. And they didn't stop me to collect exorbitant duties and taxes. But, really, can you tax 400 ziploc bags and a whole bunch of Barney junk?
2. My darling husband was there to save his girls and Georgia was deee-lighted. Did he get cuter?
3. Spent day watching Georgia laugh exuberantly at all the things she forgot she owned.
4. Felipe didn't eat boiled hot dogs for dinner. I got my apron on and served leek risotto and mushrooms.
5. I went directly to the salon (I became a cave woman in the States as G was glued to me.). Rid myself of my "clawnails" (toe nails), bushy brows, and (now this is embarrassing) hairs on the upper lip. I also cut my bangs. (I can see!)
6. Unpacked all the stuff. And realized that it is just a lot of stuff. Feel an anti-consumption zen mood rapidly approaching (even before credit card bill arrives).

But I am back. And happy. Cannot wait to get back into the glorious routine again.
I heart routines.


  1. Very glad you made it home. I arrived safely in Greece. I have a hole in my heart as I miss the both of you. I miss the calling of Deeeeeeeeeeee as Georgia would wake. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mom

  2. So glad everyone made it to their destinations safely. It was wonderful to see you, and to get to know Georgia. Take care Tammy, and I will feel like you are right here with us because of this wonderful blog.
    Love to all,