Monday, September 14, 2009

Heart of Stone


I vow not to complain/bitch/gripe. It is about as pleasant for the listener as a heat rash. But what to do when someone has a heart of stone? I know it is better to turn the other cheek. Be the better person, yes. But what usually happens when we swallow our words and don't put those who deserve it squarely in their place? We end up tattling to the world like pre-schoolers to mommy when fighting over a measly toy in a box of plenty. And that is exactly what I have done and continue to do as I, now, "on-line tattle."

The story: When Georgia and I were on the last leg of our exhaustive journey, we encountered a very nasty steward, named Jose, on our Delta flight. As I boarded the plane, he stood at the end of the aisle, striking a madonna-esque (as in material girl vogue-ing) pose and watched me struggle with her in the front carrier--dragging my carry-on behind me and with pillow under one armpit. As he was a steward first and a human (with perhaps an ounce of compassion) second, I imagined he would help me.

Herein lies the conversation:

Tammy (Passenger): Sir, would you mind, please, helping me to put my bag in the overhead compartment

Jose (Steward): (Pausing for several long seconds and in an exasperated voice): Okay, I will help you. But you shouldn't expect it on your future flights. Sniff. (Head toss)

Tammy: You know what? That's okay. Don't worry. (Proceed to ask another passenger for help)

Tammy: (to Jose) I guess you don't have children?

Jose: No and I wouldn't have them if I didn't know how to take care of them on my own.

Tammy: (turns back, closes mouth in straight line and doesn't utter a word the rest of the flight)

The end of Act 1.

The world can be a sad, sad place. Question: Should I continue my tattling in a form of a letter to the airlines?


    he had 5 million hits the first few days, United went bonkers... look the info up and read about it... I can help you with a song :)

  2. Certainly write a letter. The last letter i wrote to an airline they gave me a 500$ voucher for a flight. That's ridiculous and absolutely customer service suicide that somebody would say that. You show far more restraint that I would have!

  3. girls, thanks for the support. L, i love the video...wanna make my own. andrea, they aren't going to want to be my pen pal. (congrats on the new apt....) xoxo