Saturday, September 26, 2009


Back in town and on the social circuit.

It always been a bit hard to get me out in the late evening. It's not that I am a couch potato. TV is not my relaxation mechanism of choice. Actually relaxation is not my choice. I like to be busy all the time. So come nightfall, I am usually sleepy and like to putz around the house in my PJ's. It does make me feel boring. And I suffer with every party invitation--more in Sao Paulo because the parties here begin after 11:00. I am a day person and Sao Paulo is a night town.

But even though I felt the party malaise coming on last night, I knew I couldn't miss this event: a celebration in honor of the lovely Gi and Thomas (another Brazilian meets American love story with marriage resulting in wife relocating to husband's town and blogging--in NYC). Naturally, the party was a festive polaroid-snapping and merrymaking event. The fete was hosted at Mari's spectacular artist's abode. And I came home wanting Gi and Thomas to move back. And also wanting to hang every single piece of Mari's organic sequences on our walls.

I just might have to start going out more at night.

Congratulations Gi and Thomas!

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  1. Thank you! It was great to see you, too. Mari's work is amazing, né? big kiss and thanks for coming to the party! big kiss Gi