Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Out


A while back I posted on the Bertoia kid's chair, I purchased for Georgia/me. You see I am obsessed with beautiful chairs. They are even more charming in the mini version. So either Felipe and I are going to have to get busy at the Jon & Kate plus Eight plan (minus the divorce), or we are going to have several "time out" chairs!

I'd like to say that Georgia won't need a "time out" chair, but I am discovering rather quickly that she is on the fast track to the notorious terrible twos. Last week, after I had given up trying to get her down for her afternoon nap, Felipe took over. Within a matter of minutes, I hear a squeal of pain followed by, "now you are going to have a time out." I didn't even think my dear husband knew the term "time out" (but then I remembered his penchance for Nanny 911 on cable). Obviously this moment is not a humorous one in the lives of parents. We laugh so as not to cry. The sad part is that it might be the first time she bit daddy. But not mommy.

The moral of the story? I just might have a lovely collection of chairs. Or should I say Georgia will?


  1. Wow, lovely chairs you have there!
    Hahaha, the Time Out thing is always a pain, for both : the child and the parent, isn´t it? But sometimes they do need, unfortunately... Anyway, a "time out" chair of yours makes it more comfortable!

  2. *chuckle* I love the chairs, but I love you and this story more. Oh for time outs. Nowadays I wish I could give myself one. *chuckle* xo

  3. wow, time out is a milestone in a childs life and is the beginning of discipline
    what beautiful chairs to sit in for time outs
    don't worry Georgia i think your mom will be easy on you
    kisses and hugs