Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweater Rug

Holy knitting needle--another incredible design by Christien Meindertsm. In this case bigger is certainly better and more cozy!


  1. OMG, where can I get some of this yarn?!

  2. i second beautiful bridget!! i don't have the skills to recreate that rug. but i think anything you did with that yarn would be incredible!!

    what about a knitted/crocheted comforter for your bed?

    anyone know a source for yarn like this?? anyone?

  3. It looks like super fat cording for doing window treatments and custom home furnishings. So maybe you could use that. Check a store that sells upholstery fabrics. I have a roll of something that looks very much like this.

  4. You are so creative! I wish I had your talents!

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