Monday, July 13, 2009


I don't think I have ever been so freezing cold as I have during Brazil's winter seasons. I know most of you are probably re-reading this sentence thinking that I have had one too many capirinhas under a palm tree. Yes, I was born in the snow belt in Ohio and I do know what it is to have to dig your car out of the snow in the morning before school. But we had indoor heat.

The problem with living in a tropical country is the "tropical complex." And by that I mean people don't believe it is necessary to put indoor heating anywhere because "we live in the tropics." Combine that attitude with the abundance of concrete and marble in exterior and interior design and the dampness in the air. And you feel that chill deep in your bones. The only way to escape it is to go for a ride in the car with the heat blasting. (And believe me I have done that.)

So tonight as it is 12 degrees celcius outside (and inside, too), I am wearing my husband's thermals under my nightgown, sipping tea and imagining all the cozy and beautiful objects to warm up my cement apartment floor.

I think Christien Meindertsma's knit poufs would prevent me from another drive around the block, don't you?


  1. Oh my - i get this. I lived in India for two years, and they have much of the same design aesthetic. After acclimatizing, it is so painfully cold on all that marble! Sending the prairie hardwood warmth to you dearest. xo

  2. oh! nice! thank you...i am feeling your cozy sentiments and have everything tucked into my socks to avoid the draft. is it too early in the marriage to adore lanz flannel granny nightgowns? vermont country store here it come! seriously, i am so pleased to have you reading as your blog is fantastic! hope you are adapting to your move....what we don't do for love....sigh?

  3. Hi Tammy!
    I'm Ana, Erica's sister. She just told me about your blog, so I came to visit and link you!
    Ana Matusita