Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apartment Paparazzi, #1-Part 1

São Paulo is full of beautiful homes, immense gated mansions and architectural masterpieces. Be sure. But those are easy to find. And not what I want in my monthly "apartment paparazzi". What interests me is uncovering the unexpected and original. It is so easy to hire a decorator to do it all--down to which art books de rigueur should be on your coffee table. But it is an arduous and timely love affair, creating the personality of your home. The entrance door should open to a story about you. So let me start my first feature with just that: a story.

Around the sixth month of my pregnancy, Felipe's childhood pal, Marcos invited us to a dinner party in honor of his many pregnant friends. At the time, I was pretty surprised at the initiative. Was he aware of the risk of putting so many hungry and hormonal women (and their partners) together? But then I got to thinking about our host--the always-unconventional Marcos--and the idea was less astonishing. Naturally, the party was a success. We all left rubbing our bellies in pleasure, full and content in sharing our child-bearing lore. Excellent food and company aside, the novelty of Marcos's sweet gesture and his lovely home stuck with me. And now all these months later, I couldn't think of a more appropriate first candidate/apartment.

A quick glance around Marcos's apartment will get any conversation started and your curiosity piqued. First and foremost, a nod to his fledgling art collection. You will find some very recognized names and some obscure ink doodles by "a friend". Marcos is a study in contrasts. Next to the complete series of Sex in the City sits a large VHS collection of war movies; classic literature shares space with manuals on game hunting; cocktail recipe books sit atop volumes dedicated to linguistics (Swahili grammar, anyone?). Sequined liquor bottles, poker chips, loafers, and James Bond Memoirs might categorize him as a playboy/bon vivant. But he plays bridge and chooses an electric scooter over a sleek imported automobile. And the best part of all this? The eclectic gamut of hobbies, tastes, and travels (the list continues, trust me) are more than apparent: His home tells a story about it's special inhabitant. Thank you for sharing Marcos!


  1. perfect first it so much! xo t

  2. tammy,
    adorei seu blog !parabens pelo bom gosto

    & welkome to sao paulo

  3. obrigada laloum! thank you!
    so nice to have new blog visits.