Friday, July 24, 2009

Gilda Midani

The best part about walking is that you discover things that you would never stumble upon behind the wheel of a car. Such was my luck last Friday while heading down Rua da Consolação, stopping in front of little white house with red shoes dangling from a second floor window. The ground floor inconspicuously hides a long rectangular shop decorated with a charming, modern organic mix of wood and concrete. On the racks hang wispy, color-drenched garments in mostly silks and cottons by the Rio artist/designer Gilda Midani. You won't find fickle fashion trends and fussiness here. But you will find comfort and sophistication...Havaiana wearing casual-chic. A little bit of Rio in a buttoned up São Paulo. Ask for Graziela.
Gilda Midani, Rua da Consolação 3058-A

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