Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brazilian Style

The last few years I have been pretty removed from the world of fashion. My disenchantment began after several years of vacuous fashion-overload in NYC. If you work in the industry and find it "oh so glamorous", you are probably not putting in the hours necessary to succeed and have staying power. It was an exhausting time in my life and, although sometimes I miss late nights working on my former boutique's window display or finding myself in the middle of a mountain of fabric swatches, I am pretty happy that I am finally just a regular consumer looking for something pretty.

But there are a few glitches here. My exposure to the industry left me really REALLY picky. And my recent pregnancy left me really REALLY disinterested in dressing anyone but my daughter. So after several years of more clothes (at cost, no less) than I could put in a Manhattan closet, I find myself in front of my closet striking that exasperated and quintessential womanly pose that precedes the "i have nothing to wear" wail. (sorry darling husband!)

But the good news is that, although my wallet may not be quite ready, I am feeling in the mood to play dress up again and with Brazilian designers this time. The above photo is from Isabel Capeto's runway show in 2007. (I told you I was a bit behind!) I know you can't really see the clothes but with such a picturesque and creative scenario, you can only imagine the talent of this Rio native. And guess what? She has the sweetest children's collection, too!

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