Monday, March 8, 2010

Yim huledet sameah Gabriel! יום הולדת שמח

Georgia's buddy Gabriel turned one. And since he already has his very own frequent flier card (many kilometers logged visiting family in the South of Brazil and in his Mommy's hometown of Israel.), we thought an "air" theme rather appropriate. So G and I baked up the necessary sweets and even sewed up some clouds.

The day was as perfect as the sky was blue. It was a delight working with Mani-oca--undeniably the most charming party location in town. I've never tasted such a scrumptious kid's menu in my life. (What was in that grilled cheese?) But, most importantly, it was an event where the kids had fun. They went home smiling and spent. I'd say all, most definitely, slept through the night (= pleased parents).

Happy Birthday Gabriel! After yesterday evening, I think you are officially Georgia's new best (boy) friend. (I'm pretty pleased with the night's sleep, too.)

And a big thanks to I and G. xo

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  1. just looking at the ivy wall and childrens table the venue looked interesting. loved the pillow clouds and did you make the white lolipops?they really looked good and that chocolate cake mmmm. did the icing make it to the candles with all those little fingers passing by?
    hugs a, cindy