Monday, March 8, 2010

Run Weekend Run

So it is...Monday morning 10 am. My daughter is lightly snoring--still (see Gabriel's party).

The weekend was enough to tucker out my sleep resistant little babe. And even though I hate to be one of those "so busy" whiners (we all have friends like that), we were, actually, really busy.

A few highlights in the Saturday + Sunday = blur:

1. Balancing a 10 kilo (22 lb.) cake on my lap while my husband tried to avoid potholes and I got drunk on chocolate fumes.
2. Four birthday parties and one wedding (our) anniversary. We made all the activities but one. Some of them it seemed we were saying hello and goodbye simultaneously. So Happy Birthday Lucas, Danielle, Gabriel, and Antonio. Sorry for eating and running. Or not eating and just running. Honey, thanks for understanding that after our dinner date I had to frost cupcakes until 4 am.
3. Coisas da Doris had record sales for the opening of the Alice in Wonderland mega-installation. Couldn't make it this weekend but it is in the plans for next. Congratulations Doris! You are quite the mad-hatter...

I realized that things may be just a wee bit out of hand when I found myself shoving all of my receipts and paper bits into my purse to organize while riding in the car from party to party (time not wasted). And what about the Oscars? What about the Oscars????

I was drooling on my pillow along with Georgia: the soles of my feet aching a happy contented exhaustion from playing too hard.
Did I sit down this weekend?


  1. see she sleeps. don't you love to talk /whisper to G as she sleeps. then gentle kisses on exposed soft skin. ahhh