Friday, March 19, 2010


Georgia started swimming classes today. I had to sit behind a window and watch her accuse me with puppy dog eyes of simply plopping her in the water with complete strangers. Because that is exactly what I did. I saw her little pout forming the words "Mommy" with my heart in my hands. I didn't want to be one of those (overbearing) mothers. Thankfully the second round of tears the instructors beckoned me out of my viewing cage. (Was it because I was misty-eyed, too?)

So I sat at the edge of the pool and watched my little guppy try to doggy paddle. She learned lots of songs about fishies and, seemingly, hated every minute of it.

After the third round of tears, she was excused from the pool. And I took my sopping little bundle into the locker room. As soon as I took off her maillot she screamed, "BACK POOL MOMMY NOW!"

I think next week will be better. I might take my bathing suit--just in case.