Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pile up or line up...

A while back I posted about my ceramicist sister-in-law creating a cup for my cupcake. I couldn't decide whether to nestle the cake inside or perch it on top.

And then she delivered me this little box to do as I please. So I filled it with love. And here I sit--instead of at my building's annual condo meeting--contemplating a stack of hearts.

More interesting than listening to disgruntled neighbors, don't you think?


  1. love the box and the cookies xoxo

  2. Estou orgulhosa do resultado, ficaram ótimos os biscoitinhos nas caixas, muito fofo: todo delicadinho!

    Isso é que é trabalho em grupo! ;)


  3. "soooooooooooo pretty" i made cookies in the shape of "30's" for Nikki and my niece Gretchens birthday parties.
    Tammy, your creations are such an inspiration, that even though mine will never compare, I am having so much fun making them.
    love & hugs