Monday, March 15, 2010

This One's for the Ladies

Felipe traveled this weekend. So it was just us girls at home (Bogart, the fat cat, is a boy but he only sleeps--so it doesn't count.) Twas a weekend of female bravery, bonding, and just one episode of "damsel in distress." Here is what happened in our girlie-fest:

1. On Female Bravery I - Georgia got bit by a mosquito in her eye. My girl looked like she lost the WWF championship in a mercy. I suppose that is why all weekend shots focus on the back of her pretty head and precious fingers and toes. It was heartbreaking to look at her this way--especially through the lens of my camera.
On Female Bravery II - We had a girl's bike-riding outing in the park. Georgia's comrade Sophie could barely reach the pedals of the rent-a-bike, yet managed to pedal uphill faster than her older sister. Granted my friend Lina (with a bellyache) managed to do a lot of pushing. Who needs a gym membership when you have active kids?

2. On bonding - Georgia slept on Daddy's side of the bed the majority of the weekend--keeping his spot warm and snoring almost as adeptly. And we didn't even use a night light.
On bonding II -- G and I--24/7--like glue...need I say more? Just check out our new tea set (it's porcelain!).

3. On Damsels in Distress - A tempestuous storm left us without electricity and stranded from 9 am until 9 pm yesterday. I wish I would have listened to my husband when he warned me to make sure both keys (recently made) worked in the locks. After sweating up 8 flights of stairs with a 12.5 kilo napping child (gym membership), I discovered the key didn't turn. And, without electricity, the front door (reachable by elevator only) was off limits. So we spent the day roaming the neighborhood (parks, restaurants, parks, restaurants repeat) badly in need of a shower and cranky (just me). Finally at night, the neighbor let us cut through their apartment to ours. But how do you explain in a blackout that it isn't Happy Birthday time. "Georgia, stop blowing out the candles!"

Luckily the electricity came back while we slept. And even better Felipe arrived while we were finally taking a shower (albeit cold) this morning. Alas our little family is complete. Almost--Bogart lost a portion of the hair on his tail when it swung through the candle last night.

Best of all, Georgia's eye is so much better!

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