Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sugar-free for a Sweet Grandpa

Today is Vovô Plinio's Birthday!

In honor of the day: a new recipe. My father-in-law is on a sugar restricted diet. After every family meal, he looks at the sweets and asks: "Are any diet?" And my mother-in-law usually offers him sugar free jello or some fruit. Boring. I feel his frustration.

And since I have a 5 kilo sugar container in my house, my sweets usually don't fall under the diet category. Until now.

Grandpa Plinio, would you like some Pecan, Carob Cookie Drops? They taste like the most sophisticated gourmet chocolate chip cookies and they are sugar-free. Georgia liked them so much that instead of making a birthday card for Vovô, she wanted to draw on the box of cookies itself. I think it is because she could "steal" another cookie or two.

Enjoy! Feliz Aniversário Vovô! Saúde e Felicidade!

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