Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Felipe was in Miami last weekend--a rather quick trip but he did have a few hours to shop. And when he asked me what I needed, I thought of all the great deals in the USA. And I thought of all the clothes and accessories. But need?

So with this video in mind, I came up with a short list. It isn't glamourous. In fact, it's rather boring.

1. Kitchen scale
2. Candy thermometer
3. Ziploc bags (I'm not kidding.)
4. Cotton T-shirts (soft and big please)
5. Red Converse Hi-tops for Georgia
6. Dr. Seuss books (G)

And that really was it.


  1. I wouldn't be able to live without ziplock bags.

  2. hee hee! if you really want to know about my obsession...when my stock is getting low here...i wash and dry them! shhh....